Hall of Fame Members


Established in 1971, during the city's 175th Anniversary Celebrations, the Hall of Fame was created and is maintained by the Early Settlers Association as part of its ongoing program to perpetuate the best in Cleveland and the Western Reserve's great history. The Hall of Fame is located in the Rotunda of Cleveland City Hall.

Selected from an overwhelming number of nominations, the honorees must have achieved national or international prominence. New names are added every five years by a panel of judges representing many fields of expertise. Most of the honorees are listed in the Dictionary of American Biography; all must have died at least 25 years before being considered for selection. It is not required that the person be born in Cleveland.

Florence E. Allen
Ernest R. Ball
Newton D. Baker
Frances Payne Bolton
William H. Brett
Joseph W. Briggs
Charles F. Brush
Harold H. Burton
Joseph Carabelli
Leonard Case, Jr.
Charles W. Chesnutt
Moses Cleaveland
George W. Crile
Harvey W. Cushing
Linda Anne Eastman
Thomas A. Edison
Sereno P. Fenn
Claud H. Foster
Dorothy Fuldheim
James A. Garfield
Federick H. Goff
Casear A. Grasselli
Charles M. Hall
Marcus A. Hanna
John M. Hay
Myron T. Herrick
Adella Prentiss Hughes
Langston Hughes
George Magoffin Humphrey
Jane Edna Hunter
Tom L. Johnson
Alfred Kelley
Ernest J. King
Jared P. Kirtland
Theodore Kuntz
Frank J Lausche
James F. Lincoln
Flora Stone Mather
Samuel L. Mather
William McKinley
Albert A. Michelson
Dayton C. Miller
Garrett Morgan
Edward W. Morley
Jacob Mueller
Eliot Ness
James C. (Jesse) Owens
Oliver Hazard Perry
Rufus P. Ranney
James F. RHodes
Harvey Rice
Isabel Hampton Robb
John D. Rockefeller
Rebecca Cromwell Rouse
Edward W. Scripps
Lucy Stanton Day Sessions
Belle Sherwin
Abba Hillel Silver
William Stinchcomb
Ambrose Swasey
George Szell
Charles F. Thwing
Mantis J. Van Sweringen
Oris P. Van Sweringen
Jeptha H. Wade
Artemus Ward
Worcester Reed Warner
Archibald M. Willard
Alexander Winton
Medal of Honor Recipients

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