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We are patriotic citizens dedicated to preserving the ideals and principles of the brave pioneers who blazed the trails of the Western Reserve. While our foundation is in the past, our spirit is in the future and we need you to help us continue this rich legacy. Consider a membership!

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Help Support the ESA

Your support of this organization in achieving the goals of preserving and celebrating the unique history of the Western Reserve is greatly needed. This is achieved through observances, educational outreach, historical documentation and creating fitting memorials, markers and statues. Consider becoming a member. Click here to download the membership form.

Gifts or Donation

The Early Settlers Association is a non-profit organization in the State of Ohio for over one hundred years. We are a 501-C3 organization wherein monies donated are tax exempt. All monies donated support ESA's administrative costs/mission. Officers donate their time and service.

1. Outright gifts of monies may be made directly to the ESA at:

P.O. Box 39291
Solon, Ohio 44139

2. A Trust Fund can be established to provide for a specific purpose. For example a trust could be provided to build a statue or monument or memorial and monies could be set aside for maintenance.

3. Other methods of donating to ESA, such as differed gifts, endowments, including ESA as beneficiary in insurances and many other methods that may be made to meet your specific wishes.

All gifts are treated with due consideration, diligence and great care!

Future Projects

Some of the projects which are being considered for the future are:

1. Restore the War of 1812. Cannon at Huntington Park.

2. Constructing a monument in honor Alfred Kelly, the father of the Ohio Erie Canal. Original stones from his home and a location are available.

3. Creating appropriate identifying plaques for the historic cannons on Public Square and Ft. Huntington Park.

4. Re-locating the Pearl Harbor Memorial Marker.

5. Archival sorting and filing of papers and documents, transferring documentation to a computer system at the ESA Archival Room.