Herrick Award Recipients

Herrick Memorial Award

The Herrick Memorial Award is presented as a feature of the Cleveland Birthday Celebration held by the Early Settlers Association every year on July 22.

Clay Herrick, an active president, officer and valued member of ESA for many years, established the award in 1981 in memory of his wife, Ruth Penty Herrick. Upon his passing, his daughter Jill continued the award in memory of both parents.

The Herrick Memorial Award is a Civic Achievement Award presented to a person, recognized by the ESA board of directors, whose accomplishments have promoted and brought honor to the City of Cleveland.

Herrick Memorial Award Recipients

2018 Dan Ruminski
2017 Gilbert True
2016 Jeff and Tom Heinen
2015 David Zavagno
2014 Judge Raymond Pianka
2013 Ralph Regula
2012 William Barrow
2011 Dick Goddard
2010 Dick Feagler
2009 Les Roberts
2008 Leon Bibb
2007 Sherrill Paul Witt
2006 Bruce Hudec
2005 William Boehm
2004 Clint Williams
2003 Ronald Seman
2002 John Vacha
2001 Viktor Schreckengost
2000 David Van Tassel (posthumously)
1999 Marilyn Gell Mason
1998 John Grabowski
1997 David Abbott
1996 Jeff Jacobs
1995 Ray Shepardson
1994 Richard Haviland
1993 Clay Herrick, Jr. (posthumously)
1992 Edward (Ted) Worthington
1991 John Cimperman
1990 Ruth Ketteringham
1989 Maxine Levin
1988 Helen Lybarger
1987 Curtis Lee Smith
1986 Earl Hoover
1985 David Ford Knight
1984 Frederick Crawford
1983 Chester Koch
1982 Alton Whitehouse
1981 George Voinovich